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Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching  – Five Tips that can restore your damaged or faded photos.

Photo Retouching – So, you have some old photographs that you love, but over time they’ve become a little damaged. Some are folded, and others have been used as drink coasters. You also have those fantastic photos from your great grandparents wedding that would look sensational if they were not in black and white.

Just because a photo has become damaged, or it has imperfections, doesn’t mean that you can’t have that photo restored to how it should have looked all along.

The below are just some of the tricks you can employ to help bring your photos back to life.

Retouching photos left in direct sun light.

Sun damaged photos are the number one cause for pictures to be consigned to the storage bin. Photos that have been on display can become faded if left in direct sunlight. That once vibrant picture can be left looking old and washed out. However, through a process of photo restoration, the colour can be put back, leaving your photo looking as good as the day it was taken.

Picture Restoration – Adding a little colour to photos.

If you have older black and white photographs, a new lease of life can be given to them with a little photo retouching. Adding in missing colour. Everything from skin tone, clothing, and the surrounding scenery can all be re-coloured. Restoring old photos, and making them pop with new detail and life.

Photo Retouching – Removing unwanted people, or scenery.

Everybody has photos that would be perfect, if not for that unwanted item in the background. It could even be a person who’s no longer a part of your life that needs removing from the picture.

Provided there’s enough in the image for picture restoration any unwanted sections can be digitally removed, and then replaced. Making the finished photo appear as though the item, or person, was never there.

Removing blemishes, folds, and creases.

Over time photos unavoidably become creased, defaced by artistic children, or somebody uses the photo as a drinks coaster. By creating an exact digital copy of the photo, any imperfections can be sympathetically removed. The image is re-touched, and the repaired photographs show no trace of the original damage. You’re left with photos that look as good as new.

Enhancing you unflattering photos

We all have that unflattering photo which is almost perfect, if it wasn’t for a few wrinkles. It could even be an unflattering angle that makes you wish the photo would go missing. These can all be corrected with a little photo retouching, and photographic restoration using software.

Wrinkles can be removed, unflattering bulges smoothed out, or even teeth whitened a little. Everything can me enhanced digitally. Making for a better photo, and a happier you.

It doesn’t matter if your photo’s are physical, or part of a digital collection. Both can receive the photo retouching techniques outlined above. All you need is a skilled photo repair service.

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